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St​udio 4:13 Mosaics

Mosaic art studio 


Let's get crack'n! 

Mosaics make a great addition to your outdoor or indoor surroundings.  We offer hands on learning for kids and communities, from design to installation! 

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Artist in residence 

One of the greatest joys in my life is to be able to share what I do with others. As an Artist in Residence, I feel very lucky to be able to spend time in schools and communities, working with students, teachers and community members making their visions come to life as mosaics. 

A Community Mosaic Project is a mosaic that any group of people work on together. I facilitate these mosaics for any club, organization or business. This is a great way to introduce community building to any group of people of any age or ability.

I conduct School Mosaic Projects where kids design the subject matter of the mosaics and assemble them as well. School mosaics are typically work in the direct method process, where the mosaics are placed on a permanent surface, such as windows or panels. Most residencies are 4-7 days of in-school time or The whole school can be involved, with the youngest grades laying a few whole tiles, and older students (grades 3 and up) using the mosaic nippers. This is a wonderful project for adult volunteers and parent participation.  Being a licensed K-12 Art teacher, it has given me the opportunity to connect my art form with core standards for the arts. I can address these standards directly to meet teachers needs in the classroom across curriculum.

 If you have specific questions, contact me! I work predominantly in my home state of Minnesota, but am also happy to travel.  [email protected] 

West Acres Artist in Residence